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Small Business Accounting Services

All small businesses are different. Some want payroll 4 times a month while others want it done once a month. We tailor our small business accounting services based on your specific requests.

When you are starting a business, we can assist you in obtaining the EIN number, articles of incorporation, full business set up, setting up your partnership, and anything else required. We use QuickBooks to make sure the payroll is accurate, taxes paid on time, and filed on time.

Some of our services include preparing your monthly financials along with year-end financial statements so that you know the exact status of your business’ finances. If you prefer to do some of your own accounting, we can explain the process to you. We also provide accounting assistance for not-for-profit entities, but the requirements are slightly different, so call us for complete details.


Because all of our work is done remotely by computer, you save time and effort on handling your business accounting. You also save money because you are only required to pay for the services you need.

Business Consulting

Create a successful nonprofit or business by turning to us for advice. We provide custom business consulting for small businesses and nonprofits that need assistance with year-end statements, companies that want to set up special projects, and food vendors that require inventory reorganization.

Some clients need help setting up a 3-month project to organize or to hire a staff, while others may want help with Human Resources such as interviewing job applicants and handling payroll. Are you facing an IRS audit? We will tell you what an audit entails and help you prepare for it. We will even answer your general questions about whether you are running your operation correctly.

we look forward to hearing from you soon.